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Herb grinding

Grinding dried herbs

Mixing the powders

Mix different powders


Encapsulate 00, 0 and 1 # capsules

Packaging pills into bottle

Counting, desiccant, capping, sealing and labeling .

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Private labels. Science Labs offers innovative laboratory curricula and corresponding kits to enhance the science learning experience, improve success, and aid teachers regardless of their teaching ability or science knowledge.

Our manufacturing facility is registered with FDA and makes your supplements with a 1200 SF GMP  (18072282528).

We have GMP-level pharmaceutical machines, and an automatic package line to manufacture nutraceuticals. Our facilities can produce even the largest orders quickly and efficiently. Our facilities feature state-of-the-art industrial with high-level ISO 7 cleanrooms to keep pure air with HVAC systems, humidity and temperature controlled. We have High-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), and a microorganism culture room to detect the products to match the 21 CFR 210 111 requirements. It is ensured to have final product quality. What makes us really different is also our client relationship & services. When working with our expect to be treated as a partner. Your success is our responsibility

Automatic packaging line with auto-counting, filling, sealing, and labeling

Large-volume supplement manufacturing capabilities

Multi-Speed rotary compression machines

High-Speed encapsulation machines

Finishing label applicator and packaging equipment

Dust-contained and climate-controlled areas

An extensive network of raw ingredient supplier relationships

Team of scientists ensuring quality control

Our Work

The FDA-registered facility in 1120SF ISO cleanroom. We provide private labels with a compatible quote and high-quality service. We can do plant grinding, powders mixture (500 L and 20 L mixers), capsule filling, tablet pressing (9 rotary tablets pressing and single pressure machine ), and we have an automatic packaging line. 


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