Organic Maca Root Powder 22 lbs. (10 kg)/Bag from Peru


Organic Maca Root Powder 22 lbs (10 kg)/Bag import from Peru FDA certified



XXM nutrition Organic Maca Root Powder, 22 lbs (10 KG) / bag FDA certified when imported from Peru.

100% Pure, Raw, Non-GMO

Maca is a common ingredient in Peruvian cooking that gives dishes an earthy flavor. Maca root plant can be ground up into a powder and added to meals or smoothies. Aside from its culinary uses, maca may also have several health benefits. This article will discuss 10 possible health benefits of maca root Full of vitamins, minerals, and heart-healthy fats to promote overall well-being and vitality and natural stress relief A favorite among athletes used to increase stamina and endurance with seven of nine essential amino acids.

We have the small package with Maca capsules and maca with ginseng


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