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ImmuneRX American Ginseng and extracts 650 mg 120 capsules

ImmuneRX American Ginseng and extracts 650 mg 120 vegetarian capsules

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 ImmuneRX  American Ginseng and extracts 650 mg, 120 vegetarian capsules


ImmuneRX? is a dietary supplement product with an optimized formula of American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and its extracts, focused on promoting and balancing human immune function?. The formula is developed by Niteogen Laboratories Inc, USA, based on a wide range of medical research including clinical trials. The product contains 100% American Ginseng produced in Wisconsin and Wisconsin Ginseng extracts including highly concentrated types to strengthen ginsenoside (the main bioactive compounds in Ginseng) levels and optimize their ratios. In the suggested use of 8 capsules per day, the total American Ginseng amount is 5.2g, and total ginsenoside will be at least 250mg.


Ginseng root has been used as traditional medicine for thousands of years in many countries. Originated from North America, American Ginseng contains more than 60 types of chemical compounds called ginsenosides which are mainly responsible for ginseng’s health-promoting functions. American Ginseng produced in Wisconsin is recognized as the finest ginseng in the world and a gold standard of high-quality American Ginseng, due to its high level of total ginsenoside and unique ratios of ginsenosides. Scientific research has shown that ginsenosides promote human immune function by activating immune factors including helper T-cells (Th1), interferon-gamma as well as anti-oxidant capacities in the blood.


Immunex may be a useful dietary supplement for people wishing to supplement their diet with nutrients that can aid in immune support and balance.


Every four capsules contained

American Ginseng Roots     2.2g

American Ginseng Roots Extracts   0.4g

The product is standardized to contain 5% of total ginsenoside with specific percentage distribution characteristics, and intellectual property protected by patent pending G-Fraction?.


Adults take 4 capsules once or twice a day or as directed by their health care professional