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Ginseng Maca

Organic maca with American ginseng support Energy Stamina 60-Capsules

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200 in stock


Peruvian Organic Maca (600 mg) with American Ginseng (200 mg) 60 Capsules for energy and male/female sexual, American ginseng is the best one in the world.  Made in USA 700 mg

Ingredients each capsule contains: Peruvian organic Maca Powder (Lepidium meyenii) (root) 600mg, American Wisconsin Ginseng Powder (Panax quinquefolium ginseng) (root) 200 mg. The #00 vegetarian capsule only contains 600 mg of maca root powder and 200 mg without any additives. The plants have been used in Asia and Peru more than 1000 years. They provide remarkable benefit after they take. You can find a lot of benefit description by GOOGLE key word ?maca benefit or ginseng benefit? online. The benefit is described by scientists and summary by people who take maca and ginseng.

Maca only expands blood vessels. it makes body exhausted and fatigue. Ginseng can promote hormone and energy.

  • Peruvian organic Maca with American Wisconsin ginseng in vegetarian capsules supports energy, endurance and reduces stress levels.
  • Maca enhances vitality, increase libido and maintain overall health
  • American ginseng with efficient and right ginsenosides [1] can support the burnout caused by maca induced the exhaustion. It also reduces risk of high pressure and heart attack.
  • This formula combines two of the world’s most energizing roots maca and American ginseng
  • Maca and ginseng together make libido better and energy support. Wisconsin ginseng is the most expensive ginseng in the world.·